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Garrett Norse sighed as he walked with his children to the park; his wife needed some time to herself and he was letting her have it. He pushed the stroller that had the triplets inside as the kids stayed close to him but not in any specific order. 13 year old Sammie helped keep an eye over her siblings. Garrett knew he was in for a lot now. The same day the triplets were born Sammie became a woman. Now he had to handle a hormonal teenager every month as well as 3 month old triplets. As he got to the park he sat on a bench and sighed. "Don't go too far. I want to be able to see you!" he rocked the stroller gently as the babies slept.

He watched each of his kids with pride. All together he now has 11 children. The ages range from 13 to 3 months old. Sammie is the oldest at 13. Then comes Ethan and his twin Jenae, they are 9. After them is the triplets David, Avan, and Juliette, who are 7. Following them is Draco and his twin Rosalie, they are 6. Then comes Liam who is 2. Finally is the 3 month old triplets Garrett junior, Debbie, and Rafael. Little Debbie started to cry and he held the bottle for her as she drank. When she was done she fell asleep.

Garrett did an inventory on his kids again. He was curious when 2 men walked over and sat at the end of his bench. He noticed the one man was heavily pregnant. He looked at him. "Sorry to bother you but how far are you?"

The pregnant boy looked at him. "6 months. I'm Chris and this is my boyfriend Jake." Chris extended his hand.

Garrett shook the hand happily. "Garrett Norse at your service. Are you excited about the baby?"

Chris nodded. "Yeah, very. But once she is born we're giving her up for adoption."

Garrett's eyes bugged out. "Repeat that?"

"We're putting our baby into adoption. I am only a kid; we can't raise a baby right now. We just know that she is going to go to a family who loves her." Chris looked around. "Are you a babysitter?" Garrett looked confused. "All these kids, do you baby sit them?"

Garrett laughed and shook his head. "No, these are my kids. All 11 of them." Jake and Chris both sat there mouth agape. "Seems crazy huh? Well my wife and me didn't expect this many but all pregnancies except one was blessed with multiples. We had 2 sets of twins, two sets of triplets, 1 single baby pregnancy, and one adoption."

Chris gasped. "Jake? Never let me have that many babies." Garrett laughed hard. "What?"

"Dude you can't choose how many babies you're gonna get with each pregnancy. I was pregnant once and my wife was pregnant 3 times. The triplets here were by surrogate because my wife was healing from a car accident when she learned she got pregnant." He looked at his kids with pride and happiness.
"You're a hermaphrodite too?" Chris asked feeling happy that he found someone like himself.

"What is a hermaphrodite?" Garrett asked in confusion.

"A person born with male and female sex organs." Jake supplied.

"I'm not one of those. I had my twins the normal way. I have a uterus...well had before the hysterectomy. I have a natural birth canal which is still there by the way." I smiled in pride of myself. "So what about you?"

Chris was shocked. "Well, um...being a hermaphrodite means that like I said I have both sex organs. Most likely the baby will be born the way women give birth. I'm not too sure about that yet but I know that it will be interesting."

Garrett nodded. "Every birth is interesting. I mean when I delivered-Ethan don't pull your sister's hair! Sorry when I delivered my twins it was interesting as ever. I mean some of my closest friends are gay and when I saw them give birth it looked so easier than I thought. I mean when I was pushing and having my babies I was in immense pain. But then the babies were born and I held them. It made it all worth it you know?"

Chris was bug eyed, Jake hugged him close. "Hush love, it's all gonna be alright." Jake hugged him around the middle. Chris promptly elbowed him in the stomach. "OW! Chris what was that for?"

"How do you know it will be alright?! You are not the one carrying or birthing her!" he scooted away from Jake some. "Um, Garrett?"

Garrett looked up at him after looking at the triplets. "Yes?"

"What is it like, being a dad?"

"Fantastic til they get in trouble and I have to be the bad guy. I mean being a parent is the best thing in the world I think. Before I met my wife I thought it was my career, but now when I see my kids trying to play with my guitar or trying to be like me I know that I was wrong back then. I look at my babies, all 11 of them and know that I am blessed beyond measure. I know that nothing can be better than being a dad for my kids." He smiled when the triplets whimpered a little in their sleep. He touched each of them in turn to calm them. "I know you said you're giving your baby away cause you're too young but I want to point out something if I may?"

Both men looked at each other and nodded. "Go ahead." Jake answered calmly.

"My friend's baby brother has now 7 kids of his own. His first baby was born when he was a baby himself, only 11. We all thought he was too young and we tried to dissuade him from keeping the baby, but he wouldn't listen to us. He had his baby and took the best care of it that I ever saw for someone his age. He still went to school, he had a job, and he put his son before himself with everything. There was one time he forgot to take his diabetes pills cause his little boy was sick. His blood sugar went dangerously low and if not for his boyfriend he would have gone into a diabetic coma. What I am saying in a round about way is that no matter what age you are you are ready for a baby. You might think you're not but just looking at you I can tell that one day you'll make great parents." He smiled at them.

Chris looked at him. "Thank you. That is very sweet." He smiled. "Well, we have to be going back home now. But it was nice talking to you." He stood slowly a hand on his belly. He waved as he walked off holding Jake's hand. Garrett corralled his kids together and went home himself.

this is for :iconfreebird2468: she asked for a story involving her characters. well this is what i got. enjoy!
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Porter-Bailey Featured By Owner May 28, 2011  Student Writer
OMG! This is sooo cute! :love:
It's so weird to read this and hear words come out of my OC's mouths that I didn't write...:omg:
Anyway, this is epic! Thank you sooo much! :tighthug:
ElviraTepes Featured By Owner May 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
glad you liked it! knowing you ur :iconinloveplz: with it. and it was fun to write actually. i hope i didn't mess ur characters up too much. and nice new avi btw. u make it or someone make it for you?
Porter-Bailey Featured By Owner May 28, 2011  Student Writer
Glad you had fun writing it. And no, they were fine! :D
Neither. I found it on dA; it was a free icon. ;P
ElviraTepes Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Nice! and it is great!
Porter-Bailey Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Student Writer
Merci! :giggle:
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