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June 9, 2011
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Alec: The Beginning

I sat in biology watching Clarke Decker as he took notes for our next test. I was supposed to take notes myself but was too entrenched in looking at the man a few seats away. The minute he looked up I looked at my paper. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. Clarke Decker is a very athletic well-built man. I always envy him; compared to me he is a god. I am just a lanky pale nerd. But Clarke is tan and buff. When I look at him my heart does a rapid rhythm of it's own.

I sighed sadly when the school bell rang signaling the end of class. I watched him leave before grabbing my own books and going to my locker. I was shocked to see an envelope taped to my locker door. I took it and opened it. Inside was an invitation to a classmate's birthday party. I saw Clarke with the same invite and knew I was definitely going.

A few days later I dressed in black jeans and a red tee. I made sure I looked immaculate before getting into my car and going to the party. I noticed a ton of cars lining the street in front of the person's house. I was led inside and smiled seeing Clarke in the corner. If only he would look my way and notice me. But who would notice a nerd? I jumped when someone touched my shoulder. I turned to see the guest of honor standing behind me. I smiled and gave my present. I was shocked when he dared me to kiss the person I fancied most.

I walked to Clarke, put my hands on his face, and kissed him hard and passionately. When I pulled away I expected him to treat me like an idiot but instead he kissed me back. We went to a guest room and made out on the bed. We laid on the bed together naked after it was done. I laid with my head on his chest and his arm around me. I was sated and relaxed. I smiled and kissed him again before the party ended and we went our separate ways.

The next morning I woke to soreness in my hips and genital regions. I winced with each step I took but I knew it was worth it. I mean why wouldn't it be worth it. I had sex with the man I dreamed about. My life was great.

Alec: Week 3

I woke and ran to the bathroom as the urge to barf arose. I just made it when last night's dinner came back for round two. After my stomach was completely empty I flushed the toilet and fell back against the cabinet under the sink. I sat there til my body stopped shaking and I regained control of my breathing. My mouth tasted like I gargled compost. I slowly stood and brushed my teeth to remove the taste. Once back to normal I went to dress and eat breakfast hoping it would stay down.

Clarke: Month 2

I noticed as of late that the kid Alec I kissed and made out with at the party was acting weird. He seemed more introverted than usual. I wondered if I had something to do with the way he is acting. I decided that today I would confront him about it. He was standing at his locker when I got to school. I walked over and tapped his shoulder. He turned quickly as if I scared him. "Hi Alec, remember me?"

He blushed. "Oh yeah, I remember you. Um is there a chance we can talk alone one day? It's really important." I nodded. "How about after school today at the hot dog joint on 46?"

"That works for me. Just tell me, are you alright? You've been acting weird ever since the night of the party."

"I'll explain it all later, I swear." I watched as he practically ran off too class. I noticed he had a hand lying in a protective manner over his stomach. So many scenarios ran through my head but I pushed them all away as I walked to my first class.

I got to the hot dog joint and saw Alec sitting alone at a table. I walked over and sat across from him. "So what's wrong Alec?"

He sighed. "Clarke, um, what I have to say can change our lives forever. Depending on what we do it can make our lives better or worse." I nodded encouraging him to continue. "Clarke you remember the party right?" I nodded. "And that we made out?" Again I nodded. "Well...Clarke... I'm pregnant...and I know it' yours cause you're the only person I ever had sex with, ever. It was great by the way but...I'm rambling. I'll shut up now."

I smiled at him and grabbed his hands in my own. "Alec it's alright. We'll do this together, I mean we did it together so why not do it all together?" Alec smiled at me. "I will help you with anything you need for this baby. I won't leave you and I won't make you do anything you don't wanna do. Ok?" Alec nodded at me. I walked over and sat by his side pulling him close to me. "It's all gonna be ok now." I kissed his cheek and rested my hand on his stomach.

Alec: Month 5

For the past 2 months Clarke and I have been buying things I would need for the baby once it's born. So far I have a crib, changing table, a dresser for his or her clothes, a rocking chair, and a car seat. Now we just have to buy tons of diapers and formula. Each day he now drives me to school saying he doesn't want anything to happen to the baby or me. I think it's sweet actually.

And ever since I told him about the baby we've gotten closer. We kiss, we hold hands, we go for walks; just like a normal couple. He says tonight I am to meet his parents. I agreed after he coerced me into it. He said if I met his parents he would make me the happiest man in the world. I laughed and agreed. The only thing that would make me clearly happy is if I was married to him one day.

So now I dress in my best clothes to meet his parents. I sighed noticing that my best shirt doesn't fit anymore cause of the baby. I ended up pulling on a stretched out old T-Shirt and Denim jeans. I slid on my shoes and waited for Clarke to arrive to drive me to his house. I sat on the couch and rubbed my stomach as I waited for him to arrive.

I heard his car and I slowly got into a standing position. I grabbed my house keys and met him at the door. "Hey Alec, you look stunning." He leaned forward and kissed me. I leaned on him as he put his arms around me. "How is the baby acting?"

"Like a boxer." I laughed silently at my own joke. "Other than kicking like there is no tomorrow it's being good." I smiled as his hands went to my stomach. He cradled the orb gently. The baby kicked at his hands knowing that it was him instead of someone else. I put my hands over his and smiled at him. "Well we better get going; my parents are waiting for us." I nodded. "And yes my parents know about the baby. So no worries there." We got into his car and went to his parents' house.

I was shocked to see the house. It was a 3 story mansion painted a pale blue. The house looked bigger than my school. He helped me out of the car as I kept ogling the house. He laughed. "I know it's big, but um…I don't flaunt it. Please don't overreact?"

I nodded and kissed him passionately. "First I want to tell you something." He looked at me. "Clarke, I love you so much. Yes we're having a baby and yes the baby is what brought us together, but even before the baby I loved you so much. I had a crush on you that made me act stupid and my shy nature made me not wanna say anything…and I am rambling again…" I sighed.

"Relax, you're doing fine. There is nothing to worry about, I will protect you." I nodded and he led me into the house. I was immediately hugged by his parents. I felt the urge to shy away when they touched my belly but decided against it seeing as they are my child's grandparents. My heart said to run in terror but I stayed put as I leaned on Clarke's chest. "Mom, dad back off some ok? He's a little shy."

I smiled happy that he knew what I was thinking. We spent the next few hours talking, getting to know each other, and of course eating dinner. I sat by Clarke the whole time and smiled each time the baby kicked.

Clarke: Month 8

I walked into school and saw Alec trying to reach something at the top of his locker but his belly was preventing it. I walked over and pulled it down handing it to him. He smiled at me; I leaned down and kissed him. I laughed as a blush crept into action. My hand rested on his belly. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Little tired cause the baby didn't let me sleep last night but still fine." I watched as he rubbed his stomach gently. "Are you ready to be a dad?"

I put my arms around him. "Of course I am ready. But I keep wondering how it would be for the baby to leave in different places so I got a plan. How about you move in with me? And before you freak I don't live in the big house with my parents. I have my own house a few blocks from here actually."  

"That is a great idea. I love it." He leaned into me and kissed me. "But I wanna be moved in before the baby is born." I nodded. "Think you can do it."

"Of course I can. How about this afternoon I will take you to my house then I'll start moving you in?" he nodded. "So it's a date!" after school I took him to my house and then started bringing his things to my home. It took a few days to get everything but once it was done he was ecstatic. No we're working on converting a guest room into a nursery for the baby. It's gonna be a pastel purple with yellow curtains.

Alec: Ama

I was in the yard with Clarke lying in the hammock reading a book as he rubbed my stomach. I was in mid-sentence and him in mid rub when I felt a contraction rip through my abdomen and thighs. I gasped and dropped my book. "Clarke...i had a contraction..."

He stopped what he was doing. "Are you sure?" I nodded. "Alright, let's get you to the hospital." He helped me up and we went into the house to grab my bag then left for the hospital. I laid in my hospital bed with him standing by my side. He held my hand in a comforting yet protective manner. "How are you feeling Alec?"

"Like I am forcing a watermelon through a key hole." I shifted on the bed trying to get comfortable. "We're gonna be parents really soon." He nodded and kissed me again. "Did you tell anyone we were here?"

"No, I was more worried about getting you here. I won't call anyone until the baby is in your arms. We need this time to ourselves." I nodded and laughed when he sat on the edge of my bed. "Soon we'll learn if you carried a boy or girl for nine months." I nodded again.

5 hours passed and I am now 7 CM dilated. I opted for an epidural so now the pain is pretty much a discomfort and the pressure is the only way I know what is going on at what time. Clarke went to get something from the car real quick. I felt the discomfort of a contraction coming and started taking deep breaths for myself and my baby. The contraction ended right before Clarke walked back into the room. I smiled at him. "Lucky you, you missed a contraction."

"Oh baby, I'm sorry. Are you alright?" I nodded. "I still am sorry." he had his hands behind his back. "So I got you something." I looked at him. He pulled his arms to where I could see and held out a velvet box. "I was gonna ask you at dinner tonight but the baby had other plans." He opened the box revealing an onyx ring. "I would be down on one knee but that would kill the view. So Alec will you marry me?"

I gasped. "Oh Clarke, yes." I bit my lip. "Yes I will marry you." I kissed him as he slid the ring on my finger. "Wow, this is a great day. I will bring a baby home and I got engaged." I smiled big. He sat by me and rubbed my belly gently to calm the baby inside. "I will love you til the day I die."

The time came that I was finally pushing. I moaned as the prepped me and I was told to not push but to pant. I never knew delivering a baby would be so hard. The doctor finally gave me the okay to push with the next contraction and I gave it all I got. I felt the baby shift down into my birth canal. The new position the baby was in felt weird. I pushed again and the new position of the baby felt weirder and weirder. After an hour of pushing I felt a burning sensation down there. The doctor says the baby is crowning. I felt between my legs to see where it was coming out. I felt a tiny patch of hairy skin coming out of my anus. I cried as my hand touched the patch of skin that was not my own. A contraction assaulted me and I pushed hard wanting to hold my baby. It was so close yet so far at the same time.

As I pushed the burning got worse but I did my best to ignore it. The contraction ended when the head was half out. I sat there panting as the burning sensation remained. I wanted to move hoping it would help but when I moved the slightest amount the doctor told me not to move, that it wasn't safe for the baby. He said there was a chance that if I moved my legs wrong I could hurt the baby. So I suffered in silence at the burning. Once the contraction started I pushed before the doctor instructed me to. The head came out and I kept pushing even though the doctor said not to. I gasped as I felt the baby slide from my body.

The doctor cut the umbilical cord, took the baby away to be weighed and cleaned, and brought it back. I had Clarke tell me the gender. "It's a boy Alec." I cried tears of joy. I have a son.

I reached for him and Clarke laid the little boy in my arms. "Hello little one." I kissed the tiny head. "I'm mommy." I looked at the baby in silence. "Welcome to the world Seth." I smiled at Clarke then looked at our baby again.

"Seth Marcus Song. Welcome home little boy." We sat there with Clarke sitting at my left and Seth in my arms.

request for :iconcarrie-crowdall: i hope you like it carrie
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